The Sound Bath is intended for groups and individuals. There can be only you or a group – even pets enjoy the relaxation. The group can include family members, best friends, colleagues, hobby groups, etc.. The Sound Bath can be implemented at home, the workplace, schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, resorts, leisure services, for specialised groups of rehabilitation, almost anywhere.

The group members lie on the floor on their yoga mats, fully clothed and covered with a blanket. The Sound Bath can alternatively be received on a bed, armchair, couch or even floating on water. Most importantly, in a nice, pleasant place and the space is as uninterrupted as possible.

I play different instruments: Sound Bowls and Fen-Gong individually and together. Their pure sound fill the room with harmonic sound vibrations rather than music or melody. The sound waves allow for a state of deep relaxation according to research and experience.

You can let a gentle world of sounds lead you in to deep relaxation state in the Sound Bath. Vibrations of the sound bowls support basic confidence and the ability to indulge in relaxation and relieve stress. Your whole body and mind can be released from the everyday rush of emotion, stress and worries for the moment.

Harmonic voices affect us directly through the limbic system. The instruments’ sounds contain harmonic tunes - the basic chord and its octaves. Even in the natural sounds of nature there are lots of harmonious sounds – the hum of the wind or the waves of the sea. Harmonic chords affect our bodies: they drop blood pressure and slow down pulse. There are found in EMG studies that the nervous system and the muscles relax. There are more beta, theta and delta waves (relaxation levels) in the brain, and simultaneously it increases levels of endorfin, serotonin and oxytocin etc.. All our cells rearrange in the most harmonious state through calming and relaxation.

The Sound Bath is a unique journey to the spirit. You are just who you are, a valuable entity.

Sound Bath lasts around 1 hour.

Sound Bath for group
Welcome to relax and enjoy the "Sound Bath" relaxation, where you can go on a journey to harmonious sounds and deep relaxation.
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