​Let waves of exquisite and harmonious vibrational sounds bathe you in calm, wash away stress and restore you to wholeness. The deep states of relaxation produced during a treatment induce a change in brain waves that positively affect emotions, mood, intellectual capacity and biological chemistry.

​Just one hour treatment is the equivalent of three hours of tranquil sleep. 
1:1 Sound Massage Relaxation lasts around 1 hour. 

In a treatment you lie on the massage bed or floor, fully clothed, covered with blanket. I placed bowls on to your body and tap them to vibration. First you lie face down,  middle of the treatment you will turn to your back and the bowls placed again onto your body. Last few minutes are totally silent, that moment is just for you.


Some of the benefits sound massage

• Profound relaxation

• Huge reduction in stress levels

• Lowered heart rate and reduced blood pressure

• Tension and blockages dissolved and relieved

• Digestive problems alleviated

• Regulation of circulatory disturbances

• Pain soothed

• Improved mobility

• Emotional heaviness like worry or depression lifted

• Emotional balance restored

• Quietening of the nervous system

• Enhanced well-being

• Strengthening of the immune system and healing powers of the body

• Enhancement and renewal of productive energy and creativity

• Improved sleeping

• Improved tinnitus symptoms

Sound Bowl Massage
Experience the deeply meditative and profoundly relaxing effects of the Peter Hess® Singing Bowls that I use in my Individual Sound Bowl Massage Therapy. ​Float away to a place of absolute peace and uncompromising rest with this flawlessly beautiful and serene holistic treatment.
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